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Hospitality in different forms is considered as one of the most important virtues.
In ancient times, according to the Greeks the host had to be welcomed without the need to know the identity and a bond of solidarity was established between the host and the guest. According to the Romans the hospitality found a normative dimension that ensured the guests to freely access Rome and benefit from the same rights of its citizens.
In all civilization, hospitality has the base for relationships between people and communities. The increase of turism, trade and the expansion of the market favored the development of the hospitality as a commercial activity. Italy, since '500 distinguished itself for the wide offer in hospitality for tourists and travelers, especially with the city of Venice.
With many traditions and special features, Italy is famous worldwide for the quality of hospitality guaranteed to tourists and travelers that always visit our beautiful country. The territory around the shores of Lake Como is a place where people excel in this art. Sought-after since Roman times by wealthy and aristocratics, Lake Como with the city of Como and the prestigious neighboring towns are still a valued destination for tourists from all over the world.
At Villa Costanza, prestigious residence, hospitality is essential. The structure in its interior and exterior spaces is designed to guarantee the guest every comfort. The rooms are sophisticated and boast the Italian taste. The owners of Villa Costanza are from Como and live in Villa, and they are ready to welcome their guests with the warmth of the Italian family and the local culture. The interest and pleasure of hospitality are innate and fundamental qualities of Donatella and her family. They all are expert travelers but are also rooted to the beauties of the territory of Lake Como, and they have conceived Villa Costanza to offer tourists and travelers a refined taste and Italian hospitality but also to share life experiences.

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